One comment on “Dad are you serious!!

  1. Well put and I have to agree at grass roots level organisation can be hit and miss as clubs put on race days with voluntary helpers i.e. nan and grandad.

    Everyone predicted a boom in sports after the Olympics and it was obvious a lot of kids would choose cycling over dressage as most have some form of bike and not a horse in the shed

    Anyway, I would also say that visual counting of racers has to go the way of the dodo due to human error. Because only the top three finisher get any points it’s obvious that each point is hard won in a large field. Also, young riders who do not figure at the sharp end also need a yard stick so as to gauge their own improvement even if they place 10th.

    And yes we all like a yummy mummy on the sidelines, but when hard racers are passing six year old Tarquin for a sprint finish while mum (hopefully jumping up and down) is clapping her little angel is a recipe for a disaster.

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