Mountain Bike Racing

1st Race back in 2008

Not much to say really we had a long drive from Essex to Oxfordshire it had snowed. I could hardly pedal at the start with long grass and snow.

Made it round with the help of a British cycling coach for my safety, not that i was that slow i got my 1st medal and podium place on the day. The coach gave my Dad some information about the British cycling Go ride scheme and spoke of my potential.

Below me being followed by the BC coach.

My 1st Race 2008

My 1st Race 2008


Mountain bike events are very different to road racing as you don’t have as many age categories mostly you have to ride in the under 12s which is tuff when your only small and young and all the big boys and girls getting the prizes. Just keep going as you will become one of those bigger kids one day. Last year i managed to win the Mud Sweat and Gears overall and i was only just 10 so beat a couple of 12 years olds to he prize.


Harrison in front at Thetford Forest MSG


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